A successful renovation begins with a good design. That’s why Altona Renovation is pleased to offer full interior design services to our clients. Our experienced renovators will work with you to explore designs that fit your home, lifestyle, and budget. They will also advise you on the level of design assistance you might need:

  • For a simple renovation project, our renovators may be able to work out the design details in the course of your conversations about the project. If your renovation is large or complex, we may suggest that design be dealt with as a first and separate step of your project.
  • We are pleased to offer a designer as part of our team at Altona Renovation. But if our designer is not the right fit for you, we can also recommend designers or architects from our network of professional associates
  • Typically, the design process begins with a discussion of your ideas and a look at photos, drawings, or product literature that you may have collected. The renovator or designer will also ask you to describe what you wish to accomplish within your project
  • With this information, concept sketches are developed for you until the perfect design is achieved.
  • At the end of the design phase, you will have a set of drawings or plans that are the basis for your project and cost estimate. The drawing will show clearly what the final result will look like, and be accompanied by a specification list of the products and material to be used