Project Services


At Altona Renovation, our team of project managers will help you customize a plan for your renovation project. When you set up a meeting with one of our managers, we will provide you with:

  • Complete project management services
  • Full architectural, mechanical, and electrical design services
  • Administrative support to obtain permits, site plan approvals, easements and variances
  • Construction/demolition services
  • Close-out documents complete with detailed financial statements

Accurate Estimates

Altona Renovation takes pride in providing customers with accurate estimating services. It is difficult to plan for a renovation if you don’t know how much it will cost you. Not only do we understand this, but we take extra measures to ensure that the budget we will help you develop is as close as possible to what you will actually need to spend. You can trust Altona Renovation to help you come up with an ethical and affordable plan for your project.

Schedule Development

No project can be done right without a schedule. Over the past 14 years, we have developed tried-and-true schedules for every kind of project. But even though we offer these template schedules for your convenience, our project managers at Altona Renovation will help you determine and create the BEST schedule to fit your unique project.

Government Approval

We obtain building and demolition permits, depending on what is needed.

  • ESA approved
  • Member of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board
  • Green Renovator

Quality Control and Inspection

At Altona Renovation we believe that empowered owners equal great projects. A renovation gone awry will end up costing you time, money, and take all the joy out of your project. Avoid unnecessary issues and disappointments by enlisting the help of one of our experts.

Our goal is to examine your current or completed project to ensure that it adheres to the parameters you and your contractor have agreed on. Your project should be on schedule, on budget, and up to industry standards. We examine your renovation to ensure that these elements are in place!

We take our years of experience in the construction industry and apply them to your project to ensure that your time and money are being used wisely. We do this by performing quality-control inspections throughout the renovation process and upon completion.

Budget & Cost Tracking

Budgeting and cost tracking are essential tools for any renovation. Costs for renovating – no matter how small the job – need to be calculated before any work is carried out. Altona Renovation has had over 14 years of experience creating budgets for property owners and helping them stay within their budget through cost tracking.